A Shift from Canvas to Screen: Digital Art vs Traditional Art

by Sumaiya Minnat
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digital art vs traditional art

Digital art is flourishing so rapidly that some think it may replace traditional art. So, digital art vs traditional art: is the new form replacing the old one? The debate continues. We need to have a good understanding of the two forms of art to find the impact of digital art on the traditional one.

How artists perceive this change

The computer was first introduced in art in the 1960s. Famous artists like John Whitney crafted abstract animations using technology. In 1970, other prominent artists like Salvador Dali embraced digital art form. One of his creations ‘Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea’ had a touch of digital art. Modern artists today are following in their footsteps. They are embracing the digital art form to transform their artistic imaginations.

Types of digital art

Digital art has many branches. In this form of art, the artists use software to resemble the traditional approaches to drawing and painting. Digital art software uses paints and brushes just like the traditional form. 3D modeling and animation is a digital art form primarily used in making movies or games.

Digital photography falls in this category of art too. Today there is high demand for photography as it is needed for marketing, website development, and other purposes. Generative art is another branch of a digital art form that requires code for creating art. Once the artist sets different parameters, the art is generated by the computer. Interactive art allows audiences to interact with art through motion sensors and touch screens. In the future, we will notice more use of AI in art creation.

Digital art’s effect on traditional art

Digital art didn’t replace traditional art. It has improved traditional art in many ways. With digital art, you can do experiments easily without starting everything from scratch or causing a mess. In the traditional art form, if you had to change the color of an object, for example, you had to start drawing from scratch.

Abstract painting has become easier with digital art. Artists can now create innovative shapes and designs using the different tools available in digital art software. Digital art software tools are created by considering traditional art techniques. The main objective of digital art software is to make the artist’s life more comfortable and provide a borderless opportunity to unleash the artist’s creativity.


The artists and art lovers will always cherish the traditional art form. But you shouldn’t brush away the opportunities that the digital art form can give to artists. If you compare digital art vs traditional art, you will find that both art forms need the support of each other to help the artists create their best art project. With the wide range of tools and features available in digital art software, artists can take their creations to the next level.


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