Adding Videos to Product Listings for Improving Buyer Engagement

by Sumaiya Minnat
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adding videos to product listings

Long gone are the days when buyers used to be satisfied just by reading the descriptions and seeing the images of the products they wished to buy. Now they want to see an actual demonstration of the product usage before buying. This is possible with videos. Today you will hardly see any e-commerce site without a product image. Some of them are including product demonstration videos as well. It is proven that adding videos to product listings can enhance buyer engagement. According to research conducted by Animoto, about 73% of American consumers have more chance of purchasing the product after seeing the videos. The company will eventually have more revenue.

Reasons for including videos in product listings

Videos can effectively communicate brand messages to audiences. It can showcase the product’s value. Prospective users are more likely to remember a product whose video they have seen. The consumers can visually see the features of the products and get a sense of trust. With videos, it is possible to highlight every aspect of the products including design, finish, and features. By adding narration and music the potential buyers have a more engaging experience. Your overall website traffic will increase significantly. Including videos in the product listings can set you apart from the competitors.

Tips for creating product listing videos

You should always keep your videos short and simple. Audiences tend to avoid long videos as they lose concentration. You must try to tell a story that resembles the target customers’ needs. This way your audiences will feel connected to the videos. You should find out what’s unique about this product and focus on those features.

Think of a story line or concept for creating the video. You must think about how you want the audiences to perceive and remember your products. You need a high-quality video camera and other equipment to record the video. You must hire professional video makers for the job. After shooting, you should edit and polish the video. Good background music works very well along with a great narration about the product. You should also decide on the final message you want to give the audience about the brand.


By adding product images and videos to product listings you can get more conversions. When people see a video in the product listing they spend more time watching it. The video motivates them to buy the product. When you make videos for product listings, make sure to highlight the best features of the product and show how it will benefit the users. High-quality videos look more appealing. You can look at some video-making tutorials to learn how to make outstanding product videos or get professional help. Your final video must be flawless so that you get more audience engagement. You can increase website traffic and conversion rate by including videos in your product listings.


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