How to Accommodate Fitness into Busy Lives

by Sumaiya Minnat
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accommodate fitness into busy lives

Being busy shouldn’t be an excuse to skip your sports routine. No matter how much occupied you are with your work you must find time for exercise and sports. Regular sports activity is not only necessary for good health but for mental health and well-being too. It can increase your productivity at work and improve your relationships. You will become a much more confident person if you participate in different sports regularly. Here are some ways you can accommodate fitness into your busy lives.

Choose a convenient workout

You must select a type of workout that doesn’t need massive equipment. You should be able to do it anywhere even when you are traveling. You need to find something that you can start immediately without taking any preparation. Such workouts include running, HIIT, or any sports that you like. You can do ten minutes of stretching even at your workplace or while watching TV. If the distance between your office and home is not much then you can walk or run to get back home after work. All you need to do is just carry a pair of running shoes with you when going to the office.

Prioritize your likes and dislikes

If you hate running, for example, don’t do it forcefully. Instead, try another form of exercise, like dance or yoga. You can start experimenting with different types of exercises and start one you are comfortable with. That way you can make fitness a habit.

Develop a sense of competition

Nowadays people have become more health conscious. Many local clubs or other organizations often arrange cycling, badminton, or other sports competitions. You can participate in those to develop a competitive spirit to keep you going.

Stick to a schedule religiously

Never miss your workout session unless you are too ill or you have some emergency. Even if you have to shorten your workout schedule to 15 minutes, do it. But don’t miss it. Set reminders on your mobile every day.

Use a fitness app or tracker

Fitness trackers or apps are very useful. You can wear a fitness tracker while doing exercise to track your progress. You will get motivated to see the positive outcome regular exercise is giving you. These trackers also record your heart beat, blood pressure and other vitals.

Join a gym

Modern gyms have sophisticated equipment and a great environment to attract fitness enthusiasts. It’s a good place to meet people from different walks of life and socialize. The gym membership fee is also quite high. So, once you join a gym, you will have a reason to regularly go there as you are paying a lot of money every month for the gym membership.


You can pair up with a friend or your family member to walk in the park or go to the gym every day. When you have another person accountable, it’s hard to miss your workout session. Regular exercise can keep many diseases away and give you a healthy life. You must make it a habit.

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