Steps for Creating Audiobooks in 2024

by Sumaiya Minnat
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creating audiobooks

The invention of audiobooks has increased the number of book lovers worldwide. Due to busy work schedules, not many people get the time to sit down at home and read a book. Audiobook lets you utilize your travel time by hearing great stories. An audiobook is a recording of a book that is read out loud. Today you can get audiobooks in various genres including fantasy, romance, thriller, and more. Most audiobooks are also available in physical form. If you are interested in creating aaudiobooks and sharing your story with others then here are some tips for you.

Get a wonderful story

The easiest way to capture audiences is through a great story. Your story must be unique and compelling. You can write an adventurous story or biography. The story should be very impressive for an audiobook to be successful. For making an audiobook you need to transform your script to an audio format. Your content should have chapters for presentation and convenience.

Find out budget

The first thing you should do is calculate your budget for recording and distributing an audiobook. Accordingly, you must hire a narrator and buy the necessary recording equipment.

Find a narrator

Nowadays, many authors use AI as well for this job; however, a human narrator is still recommended. The narrator must have the right voice for the story. Audiences must be attracted to the voice and the manner of storytelling. The narrator must have a loud voice. He or she should know how to switch between tones and stop at the right points.

Buy recording equipment

You need to buy a good microphone to record audiobooks. Headphones that filter noise are a must. You should record in a recording studio to avoid any disturbance. A recording and editing software will finalize your audiobook.

Design book cover

You need an artist to design the book cover. At a glance, book readers won’t know what content is inside the book. They will judge the book by its cover and decide whether to listen to it or not. Therefore, hire an artist to create the book cover.

Publication and distribution

You should choose a distribution platform like ACX. They will send your audiobook to Audible, iTunes, or other retailers. They will cut a commission; thus, you need to choose a platform that goes with your budget. You must submit the audio files of your book to the distributor. Apply for a copyright as well for your audiobook.


Some distributors monetize the website automatically. They will just cut their share and give you the rest of the money. Sitting idle will not get your audiobook to the book readers. Promotion is necessary for people to know about your audiobook and feel compelled to listen to it. You can promote your audiobook on different digital platforms. Creating an audiobook is not that difficult. You only need to know the right steps to do it.

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