3 Key Things to Know About Young Adult Fiction

by Dizishore Team
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The world of fiction & literature is neverending. Within the category there are several different sub-types and genres, and one of the most popular – and crucial – ones being Young Adult (YA) fiction. From its target audience to its many different genres, there are false understandings about what Young Adult fiction actually is. And even though there are several things that can be mentioned, here is a brief starter of 3 things you need to know:

1. YA is Not a Singular Genre

A common misconception is that Young Adult fiction is a genre, all the same theme of a coming-of-age story. When really, it is solely a target age range. And it does not need to get more complicated than that. YA fiction can come in all different shapes, sizes and many genres from horror to romance to thriller and more. The key similarity between all these books would be that the stories’ target audience would be teenagers going through the stages of adolescene. From the intention of the author, it is usually written with teenagers under 20 in mind. Though, some adolescents may read them as preteens as young as 12.

2. It is Normal for “Mature” Adults to Read YA

There is no strict rule on how old you must be to read this. Mature adults can also obviously read Young Adult books if it sparks their interest, and it is normally the case so. Young Adult fiction would often be written with common themes of transitioning from childhood to adulthood. And once you have grown into an adult, your inner child would still have truly never left. Plus, YA is in no way chlidish. It has its own forms of sophistication in both plot content and writing style suitable for older adults. Besides, every adult was a teenager once too.

3. YA Explores Risky Themes

Growing from a child into an adolescent is all about gaining new perspectives and taking risks and discovering sensitive issues. When you become an adult, you stabilise your beliefs and stick with them. However, when you are in teenagehood, these beliefs have open ends with no strict sense of right or wrong. This lets writers explore taboos such as unhealthy relationships, teenage pregnancy, suicide and much more. All in writing styles tailored to the teenage audience. This lets the young reader explore further into the wider world and gain emotional maturity. 

Now that you have explored Young Adult Fiction (YA), dive into the several choices to start reading right here.

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