4 Best Audiobooks to listen to in August

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4 Best Audiobooks to listen to in August

While we’ll never give up the pleasure of being able to flip through the pages of an actual book, the best horror audiobooks are great when they offer a new angle and help us learn things differently. Military audiobooks can be good fun to read. They are ideal for individuals who don’t have time to sit down with a book but want to read their favourite story or inspirational book. It can be during their commute because they are stuck in traffic and can’t put their car into park or at home when cooking dinner, etc. Some people also process information better when it is gained from audio-based content using their ears rather than looking at pictures on paper with their eyes. You can achieve so much knowledge by listening or learning to be more productive while multitasking! Here’s a list of both fiction & non fiction audiobooks.

1. Flock by Kate Stewart  

The Ravenhood is a gritty trilogy with deep, complex storylines that guarantee heart-pounding action and suspense from beginning to end. Flock, Book 1 is told through the eyes of Ava Kersten. She’s an everyday girl who discovers her unexplainable connection to The Ravenhood when she meets Lachlan McCall, a professor who helps Ava come to terms with the magic and all that it entails. What starts as just another rebellious teenager falls in love sort of story turns into something much darker, but with a witty sense of humour sprinkled throughout. What unfolds next is the journey into three different romances where you’ll uncover how each person has had their journey turned upside down, unlike any fairy tale ever seen before! You’ll be captivated by the vibrant storytelling and can’t wait to see what happens after every chapter!  

2. Velvet Was The Night by Silvia Moreno-Garcia 

From the best-selling author of Mexican Gothic, Mario Vargas Llosa comes the stunning and mesmerising historical novel. In this audiobook, Going ahead, the plot has a famous writer who digs into the past to craft a story that serves as both a richly atmospheric coming-of-age tale and enigmatic character study. Set in Mexico City 1970s”, we are introduced to Maite, a hermit who lives next door to Leonora, her neighbour. When Leonora disappears under mysterious circumstances, Maite goes on an odyssey to discover what happened. Furthermore, she happens upon things about her neighbour’s life she never knew about. A criminal whose job is to hunt down political dissidents finds her and thinks they have something in common — loneliness. But so does another person — Elvis.   

3. Tell Me When It’s Over by B. Celeste  

It’s impossible not to fall in love with any book revolving around a moody rockstar – even more so if they’re fictional. The Following includes quite a few HOT romance scenes, which gives the reader a slightly erotic vibe. This is the story of our main female character Leighton, who has been in love with Kyler, THE moody rockstar, since 12. Three years after he initially leaves her, Leighton’s life turns upside down. Later, she finds herself being reunited with the boy whose innocent love had been taken from her at an early age (at age 13). It isn’t until sixteen years later that Leighton finally realises that she is just as hypocritical as everyone else regarding unconditional love and undying passion for Kyler

4. Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder  

A Mythical Ethnography is a must read. You’ll enjoy this book because it portrays a character in the first person and gives insights into what was going on in her mind and how she felt about the world around her. This also describes how men would look at her differently from how they used to examine her. The way this character interacted with the other characters and the order of events made for an excellent book! Some scenes left you wanting more, and others had you on the edge of your seat.  If you’re looking for more thrills and fun, DiziShore has a bunch of best music audiobooks. You can check out our website.

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