7 Top iOS & Android Phone Games For 2022

by Dizishore Team
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7 Top iOS & Android Phone Games For 2022

Writing down a specific list of mobile games can be tricky at times. We are here talking about going through thousands and thousands of games across iOS and Android platforms, covering more than a few years. 

1. Raid: Shadow Legends

This can be easily one of the best action computer games. This is relatively easy to play for seasoned players and a bit hazy about gacha RPGs. Though, it’s pretty tough to ignore a pretty-looking game like this. It has stunning 3D graphics and screen-filling pyrotechnics, giving company to your every PVE campaign mission or PVP Arena scrap. 

The number of people playing this game is quite astonishing, and you can’t seem to ignore it. 

2. Puzzles & Survival

Puzzles & survival can easily be categorized in the top free to play games category. This game makes you witness a zombie apocalypse. Unlike the regular gameplay of zombie games, you’ll find yourself moving tiles to fight back against zombies. This makes more sense than the rest of the games as it fulfils the purpose of your actions. 

You can go around and create matching tiles to create some great combos to attack zombies. Post that, you can unlock characters and head up to more dangerous territories to level up in the game. 

3. Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles

Having discussed these games, crosswords are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of board games for computers. Regarding gaming on mobile, board games can be a little fun too. 

We know that this game doesn’t require any introduction. The title exactly explains how it works. You have the privilege to spend in-game coins to play more and more puzzles. You can gain clues if you don’t consider cheating in the game. 

4. Monument Valley

This game has its sequel as well. Monument valley and monument valley two can easily fall into the category of those rare video games you see on the web while scrolling. This is the kind of game that is referenced by non-gamers also. This has a beautiful art style. 

Such a game requires an exemplary display system to witness a good screen time and make it a mainstream game. 

5. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty has been a top-rated game for quite a time now. It has the most extensive package of the bundle. Android and iOS game players come in a very surreal number as there are a lot of quality online shooters. It sticks together like a slick, fast-paced multiplayer shooter with a much broader Battle Royale mode. 

This whole game is very surreal to believe, and it moves very beautifully with a very top-tier experience and a lot of modes to try on. 

6. League of Legends: Wild Rift

MOBAs also introduce this in the world of eSports on mobile and PC. In this gameplay, you have to choose your hero and start on a classic 5v5 lane-running-face-off with your fellow players. 

The more remarkable thing is that it has the best mobile version.

7. Grid Autosport

This is one of the best racing games for mobile. There are a lot of fast, attractive arcade racers which run behind the console to experience the same on mobile. Grid Autosport gives you the same vibe as a professional classic console racer in your phone, all in its glory. This can be taken as an incredible achievement.
Here we have listed down games for all the gamers and non-gamers. There’s a game for every category in the market. New trending can be categorized into mobile VR games or simulator games. If you’re searching for more such games or information, DiziShore is the correct place. Drop in your comments!

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